untitledThis anthology aims to map the emergence of a series of speeches, political practices and cultural productions linked to the struggles of feminism, gender and sexual liberation as lived through social movements in the Spanish State.
It is not a recap of all claims and actions that have taken place since what has been labelled ‘queer feminisms, ‘transfeminisms’ or ‘new feminisims’. Rather, this compilation aims at restoring and maintaining a legacy of activism, and to make visible the voices of its protagonists. Voices that challenge forms of scientific knowledge and institutional thinking; voices that provide the essential experience to a (social) movement. Each text reconstructs a genealogy, questions are posed; debates, positioning(s) and collectives become visible.
This book is, above all, a commitment to recreate and reconstruct subversive knowledge, experiences and political memoirs for those who fight in the interstices of feminism.